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I'm Carly (she/her). It is so good to have you here.

My approach to therapy is built on attachment science and community care. Our relationships matter; With our families, our communities, our cultures, our partners, and ourselves. I believe that nothing is more important -- and therefore more emotionally risky -- than opening ourselves up to love and be loved. 

As humans, we all have core attachment needs -- To be safe, loved, accepted, enough -- and nearly all of us have had experiences of those needs being ruptured or dropped on interpersonal or systemic levels. It is a profoundly painful experience and one that can hold us back from security, worth, love, and the ability to trust. The good news? We can heal those wounds through new experiences. That's where therapy comes in.

I feel immensely honored in my role as a therapist. In sessions, I first and foremost show up as a human who cares deeply for the people I work with and all of the parts of them. It is a privilege for me to hold space with you and bear witness to your stories of pain and resilience. It is a gift to support other humans in accessing their own capacities to heal. In my sessions, I value warmth, honest connection, nuanced thinking, profound compassion, unconditional acceptance of self and other, and humor. Yes - We laugh a lot. 


Systems of oppression teach us that we need to white-knuckle our way through so much of life and force ourselves to hustle, push, strive, go-go-go. It is exhausting. And, while therapy alone does not dismantle those problematic systems, I believe that creating change through joy, pleasure, and ease is an act of resistance. When we can do that, life becomes infinitely more beautiful. 

Knowing we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people

Fred Rogers


I specialize in working with clients who are highly insightful and often know exactly what they “should” be doing, but find themselves stuck in the same unhelpful patterns. These folks often come into sessions having read all of the books, listened to all of the podcasts, done all of the personal development workshops, and still find themselves triggered and overwhelmed, shutting down or getting critical, responding defensively and letting their protective behaviors drive them. 


This dissonance between the “should” and the reality can create so much frustration and shame. This dissonance happens when we’re focused on “neck-up” cognitive growth, and we neglect “neck-down” experiential change. We need to get your nervous system caught up to what your mind knows, and the only way that happens is through new experiences. We will create those together. 

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